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Get Your PitchDeck Scored : Because Your Mom Said Your Deck is Awesome, but You Need an Objective Opinion 😎
Who Needs Pitch Decks? 🫵🏻
Hey there, fellow startup hustler! We know you've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into crafting the perfect pitch deck. But let's face it – you need more than just your close circle's approval to land that sweet, sweet funding.
That's where DeckScore comes in. We're like the cool older sibling, who can give you an honest, objective opinion about your pitch deck without crushing your dreams.
Your Secret Weapon 🎸
With our advanced AI algorithms and experienced founders touched, we'll give your pitch deck a thorough analysis and a score based on each slide's effectiveness.
Plus, we're not just a bunch of robots – we're a team of experienced startup veterans who know what it takes to land funding and grow a successful business.
Make Better, Achieve More ✨
We're not just here to judge – we're here to help you succeed.
So, why trust us? Our algorithms are smarter than your average bear. We've developed the most comprehensive and objective scoring system on the market, and we're constantly updating it to ensure that we're giving you the best feedback possible.
How the Heck Does DeckScore Work?
You send us your deck. We'll need you to attach your pitch deck to an email and send it our way. Make sure it's the latest version so we can give you the best feedback possible.
We get to work. Once we've received your pitch deck and payment, our AI-powered algorithms and hand-touched kick into gear. We analyze every slide of your pitch deck and give each one a score based on its effectiveness.
You make improvements. Armed with our feedback, you can go back to the drawing board and make improvements to your pitch deck. Then, you'll be ready to impress those investors and land that funding.
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